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Business Owners: What's Your Plan for Retirement?
Published on January 09, 2019
If you're a small-business owner, you probably pour your heart, soul, and nearly all your money into your business. When it comes to retirement planning, do you cross your fingers and hope your business will provide the nest egg you'll need to live comfortably? What if you become ill and have to sell your business early? Or what if the business experiences setbacks just before you retire?
The SVA Basics of Diversification
Published on January 04, 2019
Everyone has heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This theory can (and should) be applied to your investment portfolio. Putting money into different “baskets” helps spread risk and keeps your portfolio positioned to withstand downturns in the market.
Fixed and Variable Annuity Costs: What You Need to Know
Published on December 27, 2018
When you think of annuities, you may think of a policy owner that pays an insurance company a premium(s), and in return receives a series of annuitized payments for a defined period of time.  Ultimately, an annuity is a contractual agreement between an insurance company and policy owner.  When both parties enter into the annuity contract, the policy owner transfers certain risk(s) to the insurance company.  Perhaps the policy owner is concerned of outliving their finances (longevity risk) or perhaps the policy owner is concerned about market volatility (investment risk).  Regardless of the reasons the annuity is purchased, the policy owner must compensate the insurance company for the assumption of risk(s).  Unfortunately, understanding annuity costs can be difficult and overwhelming, and requires a thorough review and understanding of the annuity contract.  This article will explore various potential costs associated with fixed and variable annuities.