Personal Investment Strategy



Building a solid foundation through our investment management services.

Our clients look to us to help them create a portfolio to build for their future and meet their individual goals by utilizing our investment management services. The strength of a successful financial structure begins with a solid foundation. This may include investing for a particular goal, retirement income stream, wealth transfer or a list of lifetime targets that need to be funded.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is an essential building block used in creating investment portfolios for our clients. We look for investments with a solid track record. Whether we are seeking investment managers or individual companies, our investments are purchased with a goal of outperforming over entire business cycles and represent our investment themes.


The SVA Plumb Wealth Management team of investment professionals addresses the full range of our clients’ financial needs from retirement and estate planning to investment management and trust administration.


Our investment process, which involves a reliable and repeatable disciplined approach, helps us create core portfolios for our clients.


The implementation process has served us well as we seek to participate when markets rise, minimize loss when markets fall and outperform when markets are flat. Contact us for more information on performance history.

We believe our unique combination of investment philosophy, talented and dedicated people, and our research and disciplined process drives performance for our clients over full business cycles.

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