Personal Investment Strategy


Develop and keep your financial plan on track.

After we have identified your financial goals, we develop a comprehensive financial plan to account for all facets of your financial picture.

Our initial assessment begins with reviewing your current resources to determine if they are structured to help meet your financial goals. We then create a current plan and review alternate scenarios based on changes to variables that may have an effect on your plan.

We ask a variety of questions to aid in the creation of your financial plan that’s customized just for you.

  • Are you saving enough to retire at age 65?
  • Are you saving too much and sacrificing your current lifestyle?
  • Are your assets allocated properly to fund retirement or your child’s education?

After your financial plan development is completed and agreed upon, we work with you to implement the recommendations.

SVA Plumb Financial has the resources available to implement the components of your plan. However, if instances arise where additional expertise is needed, we work closely with those independent professionals, such as attorneys or insurance agents, to meet your needs.

Ongoing Financial Plan Monitoring

Based on our expertise, we recommend updating your financial plan every other year, if not every year. By reviewing your plan together, we can confirm it’s still on track or identify any adjustments that should be made in order to meet your financial goals.

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